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Boeing 707. Pioneer jetliner

Cote : 629.133 34 FRA
Auteur : René J Francillon

Editeur : Library Of Congress,
Année de publication : 1999
Mots-clés : Boeing 707 (avions)
ISBN : 0-7603-0675-63
Importance matérielle : 1
Description : 127 p. Résumé : One of the most influential jetliners in the history of air travel is treated to first-class accommodations in this complete design and development history. Francillon profiles the use of the Boeing 707 and includes coverage of 707 and 720 development, details of all variants, airline orders, deliveries and operational uses. Contains a unique chapter on the 707's second-hand market. Filled with military 707s, including C-137, C-18, E-3, AWACS, E-6 TACAMO, and E-8 J-STARS.