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Go: An Airline Adventure

Cote : 387.7 CAS
Auteur : Barbara Cassani

Editeur : Time Warner Books, London UK
Année de publication : 2004
Mots-clés : Go airline
ISBN : 978-0751535600

Résumé :

Barbara Cassani set up the no-frills airline GO for British Airways. She was a rare breed. A female airline chief executive who believed in doing things differently. Her European low-cost operation was launched in May 1998 with £25 million backing and within three years she took it into profit. Riding high, she led a management buy-out from BA, supported by the venture capitalist outfit 3i. They paid £110 million for the airline. Yet, less than a year later the venture capital group - battered by a falling stock market - had a chance to cash in their chips. GO was sold to arch-rival easyJet for an astonishing £374 million.

At at time when the airline industry is of great interest to the public as well as being in flux, this fast-paced read gives a fascinating insight into how to create a successful company with limited resources in such a short space of time. GO: AN AIRLINE ADVENTURE is filled with real characters overcoming the odds to achieve great things and shows the remarkable vision and talent of the author, Barbara Cassani.