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The observer's book of aircraft

Cote : 629.133 34 (5) GRE
Auteur : William Green
Illustrateur : Dennis Punnett
Editeur : F. Warne, London
Année de publication : 1972

Importance matérielle : 287 p. ; 15 cm
Résumé : The indispensable annual pocket guide and source of reference, the Observer's Book of Aircraft, now in its 24th yearly edition, provides concise details of the world's latest aeroplanes, these being illustrated by half-tone photographs and general arrangement silhouette drawings of the highest standard of accuracy, The Observer's Book of Aircraft, unlike most other contemporary source books which devote their space to the aeroplanes most likely to been, concentrates on those aircraft currently in production, under test at the time of closing for press or scheduled to commence their test programs during the volume's year of currency. The contents of this 1975 edition embrace the latest aircraft of eighteen countries; its scope ranges from such recent military debutantes as the Rockwell b--1 variable-geometry strategic bomber and the General Dynamics YF--16 and Northrop YF--17 competing for development as the USAF's Air Combat Fighter, through current production Soviet combat aircraft,such as the Suykhoi Su--20 variable-geometry strike fighter, to the Shin Meiwa US--1 air-sea rescue aircraft, currently the world's largest amphibious flying boat, new utility transports, such as the Airmetal AM-C111 and Poligrat Master Porter, and new agricultural aircraft such as Poland's PZL 106 Kruk. This Observer's Book complements the Observer's Basic Military Aircraft and Basic Civil Aircraft directories.